Proofreading, copyediting your eBook

Congratulations! You’re probably reading this page because you’ve finished the exhausting process of writing your book. Now you’re looking for a proofreader or copyeditor to take the manuscript to the next step. Let me help you with that.

Firstly, it’s worth explaining the different job functions of the proofreader and copyeditor:

  • The proofreading job is to check your manuscript for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, repeated words and to ensure consistency.

  • The clue’s in the title when it comes to the copyediting role. Here we’re talking about the flow and structure of the copy. Is it logical? Will the reader immediately understand the story or will it make more sense if the text is reordered and shuffled around a bit.

Here’s a simple explanation just using a sentence:


The proofreader would correct the sentence to: MASSIVE RUG SALE
The copyeditor would correct it to: MASSIVE SALE OF RUGS

Both roles count as a fresh pair of eyes on your work. As the author, you read what you think you’ve written and you’re always too close to the work to be objective. The proofreader/copyeditor is your first reader – and a professional reader, at that, who can spot grammatical errors a mile off and plug potential pitfalls in your manuscript so that your real readers never know they were there.

Before I start a project I’ll always discuss with you whether you’re looking for a proofreader who simply highlights errors or a copyeditor who also enhances the read. Call me, Julie Lefebve on 01753 831604 or 07946 450708.


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